Лицам с инвалидностью Слабовидящим

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General Medicine

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International Collaboration and Education

The subdivision of International collaboration and education of the Department of international relations of SamSMU participates in the international accreditation of the University’s educational programs, international conferences of science and practice, education fairs, the application for international research grants, international university rankings. Also, it organizes and monitors the educational process for international students in the main and supplementary courses.

Andrey Protasov
Head of the Subdivision of International Collaboration and Education, Professor, PhD

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89 Chapayevskaya St., Samara, Russia, 443099 +7 (846) 332-70-89


In good sense, the globalization made the advanced medicine available for the whole world. Free and intensive exchange of scientific knowledge, treatment experience, healthcare organisation patterns is improving the life quality in each country. International collaboration in medicine involves not only common investigations, implementation of new treatment strategies and appliances, experience exchange in science and practice, but also it defines the global educational standards for medical specialists. In general, the international cooperation is the way to make the world healthier and more life-friendly.

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The University implements joint educational programs with foreign partner universities in the field of education, e-education and research. The partners of the University are leading medical universities of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Peru, Bulgaria, France, Germany. Common research projects are going on.

2015 — International biotechnological laboratory for the cultivation of heart valves. Partner: Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

2017 — International Research and Production Laboratory for the Study of Medical Additive Technologies. Partners: Jean Monnet University and Saint-Etienne University Hospital.

Collaboration with the Plant Biotechnology Laboratory of the University of Tours: joint research, publications, educational projects, internships, exchanges of students, graduate students, teachers. Partner: the University of Tours (France).

International Students

The Department of international relations of SamSMU organizes and monitors the educational process, accomodation and adaptation of the international students. The Faculty of education of international students was opened in 1992. Since that time, we have refined the teaching methods, issued study guides, specific for international students. The teachers have been specially trained in the leading universities, which specialize in education of international students.

Each year, the University enrolls applicants from the former CIS countries, the Middle East, India, Morocco, Cameroon, Thailand, China and other countries.


Contract for education (sample)

Tuition fee:

Tuition fee for international students in 2019/2020 academic year:

  • General medicine — 164 000 rubles (per academic year);
  • Dentistry — 208 000 rubles (per academic year);
  • Pharmacy — 159 000 rubles (per academic year).

The benefits of training in Samara State Medical University

  • The preparatory course of the Russian language during the first year of study, which guides the international students in their adaptation to the Russian culture, traditions, life. The multicultural students learn the Russian language together.
  • The international groups are taught by most experienced lectures, professors, (MDs and PhDs).
  • The possibility of research together with the involved scientists and students. The students train their skills of experimental and clinical study, take part in scientific conferences, organized by the academic committee of the University.
  • After graduation the students can continue the study as resident doctors, or take professional skills upgrading in SamSMU.
  • Available, there are three scientific libraries in Samara and an electron library of the University.
  • Sports and physical training: the following sport activities are popular in the University — swimming, football, aerobics, ping-pong, body building, athletics and heavy athletics.
  • The international students can get medical aid.

Process of education

The main emphasis in the educational process is made on individual work with each student. Most experienced teachers take part in the education of international students. The students from foreign countries need adaptation to the Russian life-style, traditions, culture. The inclusion of international students into the social activities helps greatly.

Each group of students has its own tutor, who supports them in solving topical, social and domestic problems. The socialization and character development are important for the international students, that is why much efforts are taken to involve them in the local students' self-regulated organisations. The international students take active part in local and inter-university sport competitions. The University has its football team. The creativity and talents of the students are encouraged, the active students participate in student concerts and festivals.

During the study, the international students are supplied with text-books and other educational materials in the English language, according to the course specialisation. The library of SamSMU contains scientific and academic literature, periodicals and fiction.

The courses in English are taught by the specialists, who know the English language. Their skills are constantly trained to reach a fluent level of communication in English.

The training is conducted at the university Departments, located in modern academic buildings, in its own Clinics and on the basis of 30 large medical institutions of Samara and Samara region. The University is closely related with practical health care, this provides greatly for high quality of knowledge and skills of our graduates. The educational process takes place in studies, specially equipped for teaching ang practice. Study rooms and lecture halls have all the necessary facilities, like interactive boards, screens and multimedia projectors, computers. Some rooms contain special equipment that allows for training of practical skills. The course of anatomy and anatomycal pathology is taught using the interactive simulator «Pirogov». This interactive anatomy visualization table is developed in our University. It presents life-size highly realistic 3D-models of male and female body with correct syntopy and intraorganic structure of 3D-model organs. The content description in «Pirogov» table is presented in Russian, English and Latin. As it was registered, the study of anatomy and pathology using the 3D-visualisation system increases students' motivation and makes the learning process more efficient, if compared to traditional methods.


Nowadays, the University has a well-organised, modern infrastructure for students' accomodation and education. 4 dormitories for students and guest specialists are situated in the center of the city, in close proximity to each other, academic buildings and Clinics of SamSMU. The addresses of the dormitories:

  • Russia, Samara, Gagarina st., 16;
  • Russia, Samara, Gagarina st., 16a;
  • Russia, Samara, Gagarina st., 18;
  • Russia, Samara, Kievskaya st., 12.

The students can use the mass public transport easily to get from each dormitory to any place in the city. The «Rules and regulations for students dormitory of SamSMU» is the document, which describes the procedure of accommodation in the dormitory.

More than 2500 of students live here. Special committee coordinates the functions of each dormitory, in order to keep comfortable its residents. A standard lodging unit in the students dormitory includes 2–4 bed-rooms, a hall, a toilet and a bathroom. Several dormitories are united in a students' campus. Besides the lodging units, in the dormitories you can find additional rooms for self-tuition, recreation, sport, laundry.

International students, who study in SamSMU on an interstate agreement, share the dormitories with Russian students on general basis.