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Samara State Medical University

Samara State University with a medical department was founded in January 1st, 1919. In 1930 Samara Medical Institute was opened (known as Kuibyshev Medical Institute later). In July 1993 the Institute was reorganized into Samara State Medical University.

Today Samara State Medical University is one of the largest and well-known medical universities in Russia.



Rector of the University, PhD, Professor


89 Chapayevskaya St., 443099, Samara, Russian Federation +7 846 332-16-34 +7 846 332-70-89


About SamSMU

SamSMU includes 4 institutes, more than 15 specialized diagnostic and therapeutic centers, 14 departments and 90 chairs. The teaching staff consists of 622 members, 14 of which are academicians and corresponding member of different academies, 100 professors and PhDs, 386 assistant professors.

The oldest and the most outstanding chairs are: Chair of Otolaryngology, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Pediatrics, Surgical Dentistry and many others.

There are also 6 specialized committees that assess research and award degrees in specialties. During the last 5 year the University prepared 49 Doctors of Science in Medicine, 194 Candidates of Science in Medicine.

Since 1991 Samara State Medical University began the training of general practitioners, pharmacists, trainees and post-graduate research students from Eastern countries, Africa and Latin America on the base of International Students Department. Training is based on contract system.

Approximately 500 international students graduated from our University. Our graduates have high level of theoretical and practical professional knowledge. The Diploma of our University is known in over 20 countries and is equal to Diploma of Moscow State Medical Universities.

Today number of our students is more then 6 000, 200 of them are international.

Advantages of Studying at SamSMU and Accomodation

Preparatory Course available (which gives students the knowledge of the Russian language and helps them to adapt to the conditions of Russia, its culture, traditions). Students with different mother languages learn Russian together in international classes.

Reasonable tuition fee (the preparatory course fee stands at $1100. The course fee currently stands at $1500-1800 per academic year). 

Classes with students are run by the most well-qualified lecturers of the University — professors and senior lecturers (doctors and candidates of medicine).

Opportunity of taking part in scientific research together with scientists. And being members of students scientific societies of different chairs they master the technique and skills of experimental and clinical research, participate in scientific conferences organized by student scientific board of our University.

Postgraduate training at internship (9 months), at clinical postgraduate study (2 years) and on the refresher courses.

An access to 3 specialized medical libraries in Samara; to work with computers and Internet.

Sport activity (classes of swimming, aerobics, football, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, bodybuilding, light and heavy athletics). There is also a sports camp on the bank of the Volga River for students and teaching staff.

Students are entitled to medical service.

Students and post-graduates have 5 comfortable hostels for 2700 places with canteens, a gym, rooms for celebrating national holidays, birthday parties and weeding parties at their disposal. The hostels are located in the center of the city near University clinics. There is also a youth club «Hippocrates». Meals can be had at University canteens.

In addition Samara is a large city in Central Russia which stands on the river Volga. There are train, plane and ship connections to most of Russian cities. It is also a cultural center with many museums, theatres, concert halls, clubs, restaurants, cafes and exhibitions.

New entrants party

Admission to the University

Admission requirements for foreign students

  • Passport (original and copy);
  • Student's Visa for education at SamSMU;
  • Birth certificate (original and legal copy in Russian);
  • Secondary school certificate or medical school certificate (original and legal copy in Russian with courses attended and test results);
  • Health certificate and HIV-test result;
  • 10 photo 3×4 cm;
  • Contract on education (signed at arrival to the University).

Main departments and duration of courses

Department Duration
Department of General Medicine 6 years
Pediatric Department 6 years
Dentistry Department 5 years
Pharmaceutical Department 5 years
Institute of Nursing Training 4 years
Department of Medical Psychology 6 years
Medical-Prophylactic Department 6 years
Institute of Postgraduate Training (internship, residential programs, postgraduate courses, refresher courses) is run in all profiles of the University

Institute of Postgraduate Training

At Institute of Postgraduate Training all postgraduate educational activities are concentrated.

There are 12 chairs, 1 course at the Institute of Postgraduate Training. Training and refreshment courses are conducted in the following specialties: obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology and resuscitation, diabetes study, cardiology, neonatology, primary care, ophthalmology, pediatrics, cardiovascular surgery, first aid, public health, dentistry — therapeutic and orthopedic, internal medicine, Surgery of Injuries and orthopedics, physiotherapy, surgery, facial surgery, endocrinology, health protection and diseases prevention.

Training of nursing staff and pharmacists is carried out in the following specialties: physiotherapy, medical massage, nursing in sanatoriums, physiotherapists, laboratory diagnostics, pharmacy, obstetrics, nursing management.

All In Brief

Academic degrees or diplomas awarded Diploma of higher education, PhD certificate.
Academic year structure 2 terms starting in September and February.
Language of training Russian.
Tuition fee per academic year Please contact dean's office.
Medical services Medical services are available (extra-charged) on base of University Clinic.
Accommodation 5 comfortable hostels for 2 700 students and postgraduates. Single and double rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom. There is a canteen, a gym, and rooms for celebrating national holidays, birthday parties and wedding parties in the hostel for foreign students.
International programs and contacts There are programs of co-operation with Universities of the USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, and Sweden.
International interests The University is interested in establishing new contacts with foreign Institutions and Universities.
Dean of International Students Department Dmitriy O. Gorbachev, Candidate of medicine, Assistant at the Chair of Common Hygiene.